We are delighted that you have chosen to apply to Foxcroft! We encourage applications from girls who will bring their academic and personal best as well as an enthusiasm for involvement in the unique community at Foxcroft. We look forward to working with you and your family to see if our girls' boarding school is a good match for you.



  • 在线申请

    完成你的 应用在线. 一旦你提交了在线申请, you will receive email reminders about transcript requests, 建议, and more — all of which can be completed easily and online. There is even a "checklist" which opens up over time to show you what comes next in your process.

    你申请多所寄宿学校吗? Foxcroft is part of the Enrollment Management Association (EMA) and accepts the 标准网上申请(SAO). If you would like to work through the SAO portal, 点击这里. (Your SAO app can also be synced to your SSAT scores.)

    The application is NOT a commitment to enroll at the school. It is an opportunity to start a journey of discovery. We learn about one another to help discern the "best fit" experience for a student for 9th grade and beyond.
  • Grades & 成绩单

    To ensure the process is easy and consistent, the 成绩单发布表格 自动产生于 myFoxcroft 一旦你开始申请. We request 2 years of previous grades and your current grades. 你可以上传你的 当前成绩单 in myFoxcroft 在申请过程中.

    Rest assured, grades are important, but they are only one part of a holistic application review. We consider lots of factors when helping a student determine if Foxcroft is the right fit for them.
  • 建议

    我们的团队重视其他教育工作者的意见! Be sure to enter the email addresses for your current math teacher and English/Language arts teacher into myFoxcroft, 我们会给他们发封机密邮件. 或者,你是 Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington (AISGW)? If so, you may download the recommendation forms here, which can be used at multiple schools:
    最后,你的 principal, school counselor, or outplacement coordinator has also been a part of your journey--either through administrative work at your school or through personal contact with you. 请输入他们的电子邮件地址 myFoxcroft 让我们伸出援手!
  • 考试成绩

    Standardized testing is less about "yes or no" in the 招生 process and more about a benchmark for measuring progress over time. 我们接受当年(同一年) SSAT, PSAT, SAT, ACT, ISEE, and ERB CTP scores 供你存档. Applicants without testing may register to take the Secondary School 太阳城电子app Test (SSAT) at www.ssat.org. 我们的SSAT代码是3250,我们是 国家试验场.

    你不擅长考试吗? 不用担心! We understand it's only a "snapshot" of performance at one point in time. While we want every candidate to take assessment seriously, we think of your scores as a starting point and utilize them to inform future instruction.
  • 面试 & 父母声明

    如果你是一颗麦片,你会是哪一颗? 下棋的第一步是什么? 你喜欢狗还是喜欢猫? 虽然这些可能不是 exact 你会被问到的问题,我们想 了解更多关于你和你的旅程 通过面对面(或Zoom)面试. We schedule these while you are visiting campus during 开放的房子 events, 私人旅游, 或者是阴影日. 对了,家长也要接受面试!

    Separate from the online application and parent interview, the 父母声明 is an opportunity for a parent to reflect on their student's unique capacities--strengths, 挑战, 以及成长的机会. Do you have specific goals or expectations for their experience? What should we know about their educational journey--social, 情感, 在学术上,到目前为止? 此表格是通过 myFoxcroft.
  • 写作样本

    如果你参加的是高级SSAT, you will write an essay--choosing between a personal or general question prompt; however, 有 several questions embedded into your online application 这要求你更深入地研究一个话题.

    这和面试有什么不同? Written expression is another way to learn about a student and for us to experience HOW you dive into the written word. 在 myFoxcroft to start your student essays, and express honestly, openly, and creatively through your writing.

最后期限 & Dates


  • May


    Students accepting offers of admission to the school should return enrollment contracts and deposit no later than Friday, May 17, 2024. 这确保了学校可以注册课程, 分配房间, and schedule tuition payments as the fiscal and academic years begin.
  • Dec

    本地学者(LS) -早期行动

    来自当地支线学校的学生,如 希尔学校波瓦坦学校, and 伦敦乡村走读学校, 伦敦本地的其他学校, Fauquier, 克拉克县地区, and Greater Washington area schools are eligible to apply for early notification and seat/bed reservation. 通知在二月初进行.
  • Feb

    常规决定(RD) -申请截止日期

    Applications received by February 2 will receive notification of admission by March 1. 一般来说,申请 金融援助 should be completed simultaneously with admission. The 贝德福德奖学金 and 火星奖学金 是2月1日前交的吗. Applications may be accepted after the deadline until all scholarships are awarded.
  • Mar
  • Mar


    Day students accepting offers of admission to the school should return enrollment contracts and deposit no later than Friday, 3月15日, 2024. This ensures the school maintains an accurate number of available seats/beds for Second Wave applicants.
太阳城电子app招收任何种族的学生, color, 宗教, 国家, 以及所有权利的种族起源, 特权, 项目, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the School. 它没有种族歧视, color, 宗教, 国家, or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, 招生, 或者财政援助政策, 贷款项目, 体育运动, 以及其他学校管理的项目. 
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An all-girls boarding and day school in Northern Virginia, Foxcroft prepares young women in grades 9-12 for success in college and in life. Our outstanding academic program offers challenging courses, including Advanced Placement classes and an innovative STEM program. Our premiere equestrian program is 国家ly recognized, and our athletic teams have won conference and state championships. Experience the best in girls' boarding schools: visit Foxcroft.